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Shadows in Stereo is an analog, 3-D stereo imaging experience. Accompanied by a team of performers and dancers, artist Christine Marie uses handmade lights, simple objects, and wire sculpture to cast 30-foot shadows onto walls, ceilings, and floors. Guests wear red-blue anaglyph eyewear which makes the shadows appear three-dimensional, including the guests’ shadows as they wander about the space.

Culminating installation enlivened by performance at McEvoy Foundation for the Arts 2018.

Marie and her team created the performance inspired by found 3-D film footage including scenes from James Cameron’s Avatar and 1980s NASA VR simulations. Shadows in Stereo questions what role analog techniques play amid digital technology and modern storytelling, creating an alternative visual space of discovery and exploration. Collaborators include a choreographer, composer, cinematographer, and students from San Francisco Art Institute and California College of the Arts. Music by composer Danny Clay. 

Shadows in Stereo originated as an MFA thesis project for Integrated Media studies at the California Institute of the Arts 2012.
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