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Live performance from Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Working behind the screen and on-stage, Christine Marie and her ensemble construct a live experimental film from shadows (sans computers or projectors). Reminiscent of silent-era cinema and enhanced by hand-built stereoscopic 3D technologies. 4TRAINS is poetic, visual storytelling exploring 19th-century American industrialization through the eyes of a young couple. This wordless fable reveals a nation forging full-steam into an unknowable future, one in which notions of time and toil are changing, and rail lines fuel an expansive transformation of the collective imagination. The expressionist story, while set in the past, explores the modern relevance of living with dignity in a rapidly changing world in which one feels little control over external events.

Early performances of 4TRAINS/ Signalling Arcana.

Signalling Arcana / 4TRAINS
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4TRAINS behind the screen.
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