Christine Marie is an interdisciplinary artist.

She creates artwork, installation, performance, multimedia, and immersive spectacles.


Marie seamlessly integrates performers, objects and special effects to elicit connections with concepts, phenomenology, and history in emotional and visually stimulating experiences.


Christine Marie strives to break new ground within her form while being intrinsically tied to ancient art forms and the metaphysical exploration of light. She is pioneering the use of large-scale 3-D shadows by reinventing the stereoscope and casting up to 40’ shadows into cubic space. She uses the term (antiquated) Augmented Reality to describe the form which is comparable to modern-day A.R. The term is an umbrella for all her works and products utilizing the anaglyph effect. French TV's Arte Tracks created a segment about (a)A.R. 

Her recent collaborations include a 360 video project with the avante-garde art collective The Residents and French artist Stephane Blanquet. Last Fall she traveled to Germany to teach and co-design a work exploring transhumanism with Half Past Selber Schuld.

Her work has appeared at Sundance New Frontier, REDCAT, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, McEvoy Foundation for the Arts, The Exploratorium, Pop-Up Magazine, the Geffen Playhouse, Southcoast Repertory, Z Space, Soho House, and others and has received support from the Jim Henson Foundation, MAP Fund, the Zellerbach Family Foundation, the Paul Dresher Residency, Intersection for the Arts, Cal Arts Center for New Performance and others. 


Christine Marie received an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts in Integrated Media, Puppetry and Theater. She is the recipient of the 2020 CalArts Alumni Council grant. She studied Wayang Kulit traditional shadow puppetry in Bali and is a former 15-year member of ShadowLight theater, the company has twice won the UNIMA Citation for Excellence award, international puppetry's highest honor.



Christine Marie is a TED Fellow. Engaging The Unknown is her primary talk discussing how she discovered shadow theater and her artistic process TED talk. 

Marie has taught shadow animation at Pixar and DreamWorks Studios. She currently lectures and conducts workshops at universities, schools and at juvenile hall.

Marie has worked with shadows for decades and has a life-long commitment to continuing working with light. She is currently creating a series of 3-D lightboxes. 

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cm speaking at TED
 Speaking at TED 2012 Long Beach.
Happy #WorldPuppetryDay this one reaches
 Assisting Wayang Kulit w/ Larry Reed.