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Filmed by Carole Kim, edited by Christine Marie.

Ground To Cloud. Cultural mythology meets technological history in an analog, gliche filled non-linear, kinetic experience. 

Concept, design and direction by Christine Marie. 

Inspired by a decade of creating with balinese artists who dedicate their art to the gods, the experience of Ground to Cloud takes its form from wayang kulit shadow theater. During a wayang, the audience may sit on the side of the dalang to watch the movement of the puppets as they are illuminated by a flame.


For Ground To Cloud, the performers, composer and myself worked together building the performance up from improvised movements and associated research in pursuit of an answer to the core question: how do we honor the gods of this art? -the ancient form -the electricity that fuels it -the masculine and feminine principles -the historical western mythologies of scientific discovery and religious folklore? Ground To Cloud, is a dynamic and open exploration upon the human need to be electric and connected.

Ground to Cloud premiere at Cal Arts Ensemble theater, versions of the work appeared at Under the Radar/ RadarLA, the TED conference, and the San Francisco Exploratorium.

The visual story is woven from historical data relating to the invention and mythology of electricity including Saint Barbara -the patron saint of lighting and fire, Ben Franklin's kite, Nikola Tesla and the lightbulb, equations of power, electric shock and ground to cloud lightning.

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