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Custom Shadow Play- IN A BOX!

Great for weddings!

Make a customized shadow play that tells the story of how the couple met, fell in love, and proposed.

I've created this lasting memory for friends for ten weddings spanning a decade. Everyone loves the shadow plays so much that I've been asked to be hired to make them for others, the answer is YES-AND.

YES-You may hire me to make a shadowplay.

AND I'd love for you to be able to make these shows for your loved ones yourself.

My kit teaches you everything you need to know to make and deliver the wedding gift they will remember forever.


My most recent wedding shadow play was for Colin and Sarah.

Their wedding was canceled due to COVID. Instead of creating a live play at the reception I interviewed them and their friends/ family, wrote a script, and had friends send in voice-overs. I used overhead projectors in my living room to make a very personal and childlike story for their CyberWedding! 

CocoShew, the shadow play gives a sweet snapshot of the bride and groom then tells how they met and proposed!

pink cocoshew- puppets.jpg
vir and heather.jpg

YOU can do this!

The Shadow Play KIT includes:


-How to interview the bride and groom. Best practices, pro tips,

and what are the essential questions.

-How to reach-out friends and family for additional details.

-Sample scripts, like a MadLib, just fill in the blanks! 


-You'll receive an assortment of puppet bodies to choose from, you'll need to add the head :)

From the couple, you will need a photo of their shadow. I'll supply easy tips for capturing their true image, adding fun hair, glasses, hats, etc. for enhanced or slightly fictionalized versions of the bride and groom.

-There are certain motifs that repeat, I'll supply an assortment of funny puppet characters and backgrounds and a link to new backgrounds you can download if needed for your story.

-Puppeteering tips! I have an MFA in Puppetry!

I've taught at Pixar, Dreamworks, and hundreds of schools, I can teach you how to move a puppet. If your puppetry is a lil' wonky that's half the fun (remember marionette scenes from Team America? The limitations of the puppet can be its most humorous asset).


-Will you make a video animation from home or stage this shadow play live at the wedding?

-I'll give tips for organizing the couple's friends and relatives to enlist in the fun. If you already have a creative friend group that wants to meet up and make a puppet show together - awesome! That isn't always the case for me. I've loved meeting my dear friends, friends, and family while supplying a role for them to step into and contribute to the fun!

-To be honest, some of the live shadow plays have been a raucous "Drunk History-like" roasts of the couple while others have included violins, cello and are tear-jerking testaments of true love! 


-I'll use this page to share stories of folks making shadow plays for their friends. I'll add stories and images from my ten plays and testimonials from the couples. I'm here to help you and I want to hear from you during your process and after. 


Be prepared, you're about to become the MVP rock star of your friend's wedding and the reception!

Reach out for Kit images and ordering instructions.

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