"Dancers inhabit an immersive 3D world brought to life through refreshingly

analog means."


"Marie’s work reminds all visitors of the power in exploring all manners of reality modification."

Still holding onto her cardboard 3-D glasses, Marie said she began experimenting with

the technique long before"Avatar."

"I'm way ahead of James Cameron," she said with a laugh.



Video from 4TRAINS directed and designed by Christine Marie at YBCA SF Premiere

"Like a Paleolithic IMAX, Marie's shows are cinematic in scope and scale."


"One of the most visually exciting moments of theatre I've seen."  



“Christine Marie’s Shadow Design conjures a literal ocean of surprise.”
–Charles McNulty, LA TIMES

“Halfway through, you're prompted to put on your glasses. And somehow—and I have no idea how—Marie uses a special lighting instrument to make the shadows become three-dimensional. Honestly, I have never seen a more stunning 3D effect (and, yes, I saw Avatar)."

From Ground To Cloud- Christine Marie


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